De Aanpak: treatment of pain complaints and being overworked

I get excited by people . . .

. . . asking specific questions. For instance that they suffer (sometimes years) from ‘something’. That ‘something’ has been treated endlessly without much progress. Most of the time these complaints started after an accident, an injury, a misstep, after a period of very hard working, after an incident.
These questions trigger me and make me awake.
Of course next I will ask you some questions and then we start working.
How? Read further . . .

Give away a free massage !

Book a massage at the normal rate and nominate someone you know that really wants a massage, but cannot pay for it.

That person will get it for free.   sociaal1

Valid until June 24, 2016.

For backgroundinformation, please read my blog

Massage practice

First of all I listen to your wishes and questions . . . . I take your story about possible complaints seriously, even when it seems to make no sense. Most of the time during the intake connections between the actual situation and certain experiences in the past come to surface.


Next we go to work.

During the massage I will respond to your reactions and observations. The entire physiology will be put in motion in a gentle way. During the massage the entire body will be involved.

Massage offers excellent possibilities to recover from whiplash, burnout, chronic headaches and pains due to injuries and overload.

When you are confident after your first visit we make up plan for recovery with massage, and some simple excercises for you to do at home .

Welcome at ‘de aanpak’

Massage in company

Consider massage in company when you have a clear reason and you clearly see the benefits .

Obvious reasons can be:

  • There is a high workload
  • There are signs of discontent
  • The absenteeism is to high or increasing
  • Employees with work-related symptoms
  • some is done out of routine, no creativity shows up


  • Goodwill , grateful colleagues
  • 15 minutes of rest on the massagechair gives room to creativity
  • You show that you care about the welfare of your colleagues
  • Job satisfaction and productivity are promoted
  • This investment allows big savings


Make an appointment with me at your office, ask me a lot of questions and get a number of free massages.

About ‘de Aanpak’

Marcel Davids (1956)

‘My career has as its giding work with matter.’
I worked as a gardiner, farmer, carpenter and a painter.
In addition, as a career counselor, branch manager of an employment agency , professional organizer and color consultant.

How did I become a masseur? During movement lessons of my training at the Human Development Counseling Foundation several students told me that me touching them was a pleasant experience. I decided to make touching my profession. I became a qualified sports masseur and continued with specilisations in chairmassages, triggerpoint massage and built up a ten years experience.

I’m fascinated by beauty. The beauty of the mounatins and the sea, of plants and animals, the colours in the sky.
Beside that my passion goes equally to human creations like archtecture, music and science.
For me the human body is a major achievement of architecture and I love working with it in the massages.

My motivation is offering optimal service.

Tired and moody?

Some time ago I had an appointment with my son to go running in ‘The Delftse Hout’ in Delft. We decided to find out how far we could come. Well, we ran at about 7 kilometers, I had a slightly better condition as at this moment. Anyway, what I want to tell you are the things that rose to my consiousness during this exercise. It startet like this: The weather is nice and we have mapped out a nice route, this route is beautiful, I can see that, I can even see some specific details. . . This lasts for about 2 kilometers and then I start to notice that the details are ‘running’ out of sight and after a while thay have completely disappeared. What I can see is the road I am running on and which way I have to go. . . . The further we get, the smaller my field of vision, I only see a small part of the road and at the end of our exercise, it just vaguely flies by under my feet: I lost in every way my ability of making contact with the area around me, the only thing I notice is my own status: exhausted! I only have eyes for my own needs, just because I got into trouble wanting to perform, to get a target, to set a record etc. In daily life we call this condition ‘being in a state of survival’. It made me think of all these people who are running all day long, busy with being busy. It’s the moment where your partner and...