De Aanpak: treatment of pain complaints and being overworked

I get excited by people . . .

. . . asking specific questions. For instance that they suffer (sometimes years) from ‘something’. That ‘something’ has been treated endlessly without much progress. Most of the time these complaints started after an accident, an injury, a misstep, after a period of very hard working, after an incident.
These questions trigger me and make me awake.
Of course next I will ask you some questions and then we start working.
How? Read further . . .

Massage practice

First of all I listen to your wishes and questions . . . . I take your story about possible complaints seriously, even when it seems to make no sense. Most of the time during the intake connections between the actual situation and certain experiences in the past come to surface.


Next we go to work.

During the massage I will respond to your reactions and observations. The entire physiology will be put in motion in a gentle way. During the massage the entire body will be involved.

Massage offers excellent possibilities to recover from whiplash, burnout, chronic headaches and pains due to injuries and overload.

When you are confident after your first visit we make up plan for recovery with massage, and some simple excercises for you to do at home .

Welcome at ‘de aanpak’

Massage in company

Consider massage in company when you have a clear reason and you clearly see the benefits .

Obvious reasons can be:

  • There is a high workload
  • There are signs of discontent
  • The absenteeism is to high or increasing
  • Employees with work-related symptoms
  • some is done out of routine, no creativity shows up


  • Goodwill , grateful colleagues
  • 15 minutes of rest on the massagechair gives room to creativity
  • You show that you care about the welfare of your colleagues
  • Job satisfaction and productivity are promoted
  • This investment allows big savings


Make an appointment with me at your office, ask me a lot of questions and get a number of free massages.

About ‘de Aanpak’

Marcel Davids (1956)

‘My career has as its giding work with matter.’
I worked as a gardiner, farmer, carpenter and a painter.
In addition, as a career counselor, branch manager of an employment agency , professional organizer and color consultant.

How did I become a masseur? During movement lessons of my training at the Human Development Counseling Foundation several students told me that me touching them was a pleasant experience. I decided to make touching my profession. I became a qualified sports masseur and continued with specilisations in chairmassages, triggerpoint massage and built up a ten years experience.

I’m fascinated by beauty. The beauty of the mounatins and the sea, of plants and animals, the colours in the sky.
Beside that my passion goes equally to human creations like archtecture, music and science.
For me the human body is a major achievement of architecture and I love working with it in the massages.

My motivation is offering optimal service.

Soft or hard?

  Often people ask for a really firm massage and that is fine.  ik werk tenslotte vanuit de vraag van de cliënt. Het is echter goed om te weten dat om ontspanning te bereiken de massage niet altijd heel hard hoeft te zijn. En ontspanning is een voorwaarde om herstel van stijfheid en pijnklachten mogelijk te maken. Soms werkt hard juist averechts omdat er verzet optreedt. Een spiergebied dat pijnlijk is en overbelast wil vaak niet nog eens met hardheid benaderd worden maar vraagt om verzorging met iets van aandacht en vriendelijkheid, een benadering waar het juist vaak aan ontbroken heeft. Soms kunnen de meest subtiele bewegingen een enorme ruimte geven, waarna er wel weer stevig gemasseerd kan worden. Het gaat allemaal om de juiste dosering en de juiste bewegingen. Met bewegingen bedoel ik bijvoorbeeld een minimale induwbeweging op een gewricht om de spieren die dit gewricht onder druk zetten even de gelegenheid te geven om los te laten. Maar vrees niet, liefhebbers van stevig, er zijn veel mensen die echt stevige massage nodig hebben om ontspanning te ervaren en die krijgen dat natuurlijk. Het gaat tenslotte om de juiste dosering en die zoeken we...