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Comes in a young foreign student. I knew her name, because she was once at the door buying two giftcards for her girlsfriends. She didn’t buy one for herself that’s why I couldn’t find her file. When she sits, really uncomfortable, in the practice to tell her story she says: “You should call the police”,  smiling apologetically.

I ask: “Why that”? She says: “I have been working for over a month 15 hours a day behind my laptop to finish my thesis” . “Even in the weekends”? I ask a little dazed . “Yes, even in the weekends and when after a week or three I could no longer sit, I moved to the floor lying on my belly to continue finishing my thesis. I have committed a crime against my body , you should call the police”.

She looks rather painfull, I invite her to tell the rest of her story in a standing position. She does so.

The massage lasted for over two hours. The masage worked out quite good, she could move reasonably well and asked for a new appointment. This second appointment she had to cancel and another appointment never happened, but a few weeks later I receive an email from her with a thank you .

“I am writing to let you know that unfortunately I was not in the position to visit your practice any more. However, you helped me a lot for which I am very grateful. I have been following your advice on hot foot baths and doing the small exercises you suggested.  I wish you success in your work! When appropriate, I have been recommending your practice to my colleagues.

Kind regards, best of luck”.

I decided not to call the police anymore!