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For the first time in the nine years I work as a masseur I forget an appointment that is clearly scheduled. I imagined my calander to be empty this morning and sat complety innocent downstairs reading a book, still in my pyjama. A signal came out of my phone upstairs, probably a contact from my netwok I should call, but after while I decided to see what that signal was all about.  I arrive upstairs at 7 to 10 I check my calander and I see 10 o’clock massageclient. Terror! How is that possible? My practice is still a mess, temperature is not okay, I am in my pyjamas. Just five minutes of running and -how is it possibility- the room is OK, the treatform is ready (had to be printed) central heating is running, I brushed my teeth and look acceptable. (With a heart rate of 160) As at 7 after 10 my client has not yet appeared, I call her. “Oh,” she says, “I completely forgot, a thousand apologies, I’ll be there right away.” (She lives nearby) I say: “Oh, it’s nothing, things like that can happen”. After 10 minutes she sits in my practice and I tell her my side of the story.

So this is what Carl Gustav Jung means talking about synchronicity?!?